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Christine Minzlaff

Christine is a licensed realtor in residential and developmental sales. Graduating from Western Michigan University with a marketing degree has helped her successfully begin her sales career. More than twenty years of sales experience gives her the ability to help her clients find the perfect home for them. A current Eastbrook home owner that has gone through the exciting process of building her dream home, Christine and her family currently live in The Jamestown.

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Brenda Morse

Specializing in residential and development sales with an emphasis in new home builds, Brenda is a licensed realtor. Attending Brigham Young University enabled her to learn the skills needed to become a smart business woman. First, owning her cleaning business for over twenty years. Second, becoming a realtor after building not one, but two homes over the years for herself and her family to reside. Going through the building process has giving her the unique ability to help clients go through their own building processes.

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